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Bank Level Security
We use bank level security methods and up-to 256-bit data encryption just like the banks that keep your money safe

Privacy Rights

Your financial information will only be accessible by you. Nobody else can view or access your financials without your permission. Not even us.


Discreet Pre-Approvals

No need to send your financials to a stranger. Your documents always stay safely in your possession.

Safe & Secure Web Servers

The most trusted web-security firms monitor and inspect our servers daily
256-bit data encryption is an encryption standard typically used for commercial transactions in the private sector. This helps protect against login and password theft from unwanted users. 256-bit data encryption is an added layer of security that makes sure your login and qualifying data is kept safe.
Once you’ve submitted your questionnaire, nobody will be able to see or edit any of your questionnaire information. Only Realtors that you’ve personally invited will be able to see your qualification data. Any raw data that was entered by you will stay private. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.
We’re not a bank but we do have the same level of encryption as any major bank. Our knowledgeable IT team stays current with the latest technologies and practices which allows us to stay ahead of the curve of security practices. As an added layer of security, our partners McAfee and Geotrust monitor the website daily for any internal vulnerabilities.