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For Buyers, our pricing is pretty straightforward - $15.00 per applicant.
Any additional analysis for your Buyer is FREE while using the same credit report.

At we are revolutionizing the real estate industry with our secure, patent-pending system that streamlines and automates the pre-approval process. Based on today’s strict underwriting rules and guidelines, our system interviews home buyers the same way an expert mortgage loan originator at a bank would. We then provide the buyer with a personalized home loan budget and tailored analysis which they can share with their real estate agent; so both parties know exactly how much home the homebuyer can afford.

Home buyers and real estate agents can now view their home buyers borrowing limits instantly on their own personalized dashboards and are presented with a powerful home search tool, which displays a tailored gallery of properties specific to a home buyer's budget and qualifying scenarios.

This pre-approval data is kept live throughout the home-hunting process where buyers and real estate agents have the ability to cross reference any MLS listed property vs. a home buyer's qualifying data to generate truly accurate pre-approval letters on a per-property basis.

Knowing precise pre-approval limits when searching for your home buyer's perfect home will make the difference in saving you time and money. Find a house they love and know if they qualify, instantly.

It’s simple, just invite them from your personalized dashboard. Once they complete our questionnaire process and they are analyzed by our system, their qualification data becomes available to you instantly.

Buyers will be analyzed for a number of products which are sure to be offered by most major banks or lenders. They can choose a bank or Lender from our list of affiliated lender partners. Of course they can continue to choose a product that fits their needs and finalize their transaction with their lender of choice. was designed using the most advanced, secure technology and following the same rules and guidelines as any major bank or lenders. Our system also offers portfolio products specific to the banks located close to your buyers GEO-location. So all of their options will be displayed on one report - even if they are offered by a different bank or lender.

Use to gain live access to your buyer’s mortgage qualifying data instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Did you know different loan products have different loan limits and rules? Stop chasing your buyer’s mortgage qualification data and Reduce your home search time to minutes. We show you your buyer’s pre-approval limits for every loan product they qualify for. chooses to give buyers full control of who can view their mortgage qualifying data. is a neutral system and a tool designed for the real estate industry as a whole.

Yes. Access your buyer’s qualifying mortgage data from your office or from the field. Sign offers and generate Pre-Approval letters right from your showing. is not a bank or lender. We are an analysis service and real estate search tool for realtors and buyers. Our findings will most likely match the findings of most banks and lenders because we use the mortgage Industry rules and guidelines mandated by FannieMae, FreddieMac, FHA and bank or credit union portfolio mortgage products. If you feel we’re missing something, please contact us and we will gladly discuss your concerns.

No. Our service is free for realtors. Enjoy your new search tool.

No. Realtors need to be invited by buyers or visa versa in order to gain access to a buyer's qualifying data. You can invite them to use our system and you will be notified once they have completed their analysis and track them every step of the way. You can also offer to help them process their information to gain instant access to their buying power.

While you and your buyer are connected on, you will be able to communicate within your dashboard (which was designed to share and rate homes) with your buyers and cross-reference their mortgage qualifying data with MLS listings.