Realtor Features
Don't waste time looking for homes that buyers can't qualify for.

MLS Properties Tailored To Your Buyer

Update your buyer’s favorite property list from your own dashboard. Rate and comment on homes for your buyer based on their wish list. They can see your selections in real-time and rate them as well. This gives you instant feedback from buyers, giving you the upper hand on the contract offer process.

Always Stay Connected With Your Buyers

Invite your prospective buyers to visit our system and know their buying power within minutes.

Once your buyer is pre-approved, you will be notified and may start your property search - so no time is wasted. Your prospect buyers can use our system 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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A Great Buyer Management System

No more wondering, “what ever happened to that buyer I was working with?”

Use your tailored dashboard and custom buyer pipeline management system to track buyers every step of the way.

MLS Property Search

A great search tool with property Cross-Referencing Capability.

Finding homes for your buyer has never been easier.

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Our system is FREE for Realtors. We’ve designed an incredible tool with the realtor and buyer in mind.

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