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About was designed by mortgage underwriting experts in an effort to better inform home buyers during their home buying process.

Our most imperative undertaking is to help the real estate industry progress. We’ve designed the ultimate real estate tech site, rich with information and features that will turn home buyers into mortgage experts. Our company strives to serve as a safe harbor for the lending and banking industry in order to avoid mortgage pitfalls of the past. empowers homeowners with personalized home loan budgeting and a tailored analysis based on today’s strict underwriting rules and guidelines. We then present our user with a powerful home search tool, which displays properties that fit their home budget and qualifying scenarios.

Home lending in today’s real estate market has taken a giant leap forward both in regulatory changes and in a more conservative underwriting embodiment. The signing of the Dodd-Frank Act on July 21st 2010 marked a new era in the mortgage industry, as we know it. Now, more than ever, a Home buyer's ability to repay their mortgage will be scrutinized by strict mortgage underwriting guidelines. Today’s Home buyer will face strict rules like: tighter debt to income ratios, continued job stability, and rules associated with the amount of equity left behind on departing primary residences by second time home buyers. Interpreting these complex rules and guidelines takes a mortgage loan professional years to master. Major banks and lenders across the nation pre-screen home buyers using bank representatives with little or no underwriting experience. As a result, labor costs impact a major bank or lender’s ability to implement a strong Pre-Approval pre-screening process.

With, home buying is a breeze.